when one of your friends is rude and hurts your sibling, is it okay to push them away? because I just did that and I feel sorta bad but at the same time I just want to punch him so hard! I told him I need space to forgive him, but is that okay too? I’m just really mad at him right now. that is all.


start hip hop dance classes Monday night! :D

proven wrong

when someone puts you at a low standard. don’t believe it! prove that person wrong. show them that you are smarter, more athletic, neater or better than whatever it is they say you are. you are God’s child and you can do whatever your hopes and desires are no matter who tries to shut your dream down! keep pushing do what you need to do and follow what your hearts desire is because God will give it to you.don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do that something you love because of your grades, your size, your voice…. etc. because you can. God gave you that desire for a reason.


Atlanta, Georgia! dance dance dance. <3

Just The Way You Are : Bruno Mars.

Ridin Solo : Jason Derulo.


so i haven’t been on forever!

all in time.

forget about the past,

enjoy the present,

hope for the future.

love you Dad. :)

woke up at 2:30, couldn’t sleep till 3:00. woke up at 5:30. still cant sleep!!!!

one done!

four to go!

the worst of them is on wednesday.. :S